10 Environmental Business ideas in Nepal anyone can start

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While talking Business ideas in Nepal the list can go long. There can be so many opportunities for a person with or without technical skills. What matters is the will to be an entrepreneur and confidence to tackle the risk involved.

In this blog, I won’t dive into other business ideas but focus on environmental business ideas in Nepal with little investment. Business ideas that require little or no technical skills. I am more into the environmental business is because of its two-way benefit. You can generate income and at the same time, you contribute to preserving the environment.

Let’s looks at some of the lists of small environmental business in Nepal with minimum investment.

1.  Composting

We can take composting as an option for a solution to biowaste (waste) as well. It can also generate revenue at the same time. Composting needs space but not necessarily more space. Depending on land availability you can estimate your handling capacity. You can find more information on how to manage biowaste in a blog by safaNepal.

The possible market of your compost could be different households in urban areas of Nepal and several agricultural firms. Your compost can go international depending on the quality and production capacity. Biocomp Nepal is already in compost business. It’s being said that there are only 5 organic manure producing plants all over Nepal.

2.  Paper recycling

One of the popular recycling business is paper recycling. Use of paper is increasing day by day and no sign of slowing down. So, paper recycling always has a high scope. 

You can check simple steps to recycle your paper at home and get comfortable with the recycling process. All the process doesn’t have to be automated in the beginning. This can be done manually. As you get more raw materials you can automate the process in the plant.  

Recycled paper can be used to make cardboard, notebook, envelops, greeting cards, egg crate and much more depending on the quality. 

3.  Sell paper bag

Selling paper bag can be profitable in long run. You can see the plastic packaging and plastic bag all over the place. These plastic bags take decades to decompose and are harmful to the environment. Selling paper bag can be a good alternative to make a safe and healthy environment.

You can sell different sizes and quality of paper bag targeting wholesale or retail businesses. Either take dealership or sell paper made bags used for various purpose. You might also have to promote this business to make people aware of its benefits.

4.  Pollution monitoring devices installation

Pollution in major cities in Nepal is hitting hard. It is causing serious short-term and long-term impact on people of all age. So, measuring the level of a different pollutant in public places such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, and even streets is important. Pollution monitoring devices can be readily available to purchase from our neighboring countries.

If you are reading this blog then you certainly have an idea about carbon monoxide, sulfur, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, and several other pollutants. With the available data on the pollutant in the premises, the authority can act for reduction of pollution. Revenue can be generated by selling and installing those devices. Additionally, pollutant data can also be sold for analysis with the necessary agreement.

5.  Organic food shop

People are becoming more and more health conscious these days. So, organic vegetables and organic food items can be a good pick for business. You might grow your own organic vegetables, or you might have to do some research about producers of organic goods.

Organic items can basically refer to homemade without any additives or chemicals. For sure there are several such materials such as soap, candle, makeup items available in Nepal. Take some time for research on products available.

6.  Second-hand store

Second-hand business can flourish in Nepal. There are so many things that are trash for one and much-needed item for another. Get a physical store and purchase a wide variety of stuff from people they don’t want, upgrade them if needed and sell with a higher price. In second-hand items, you can include furniture, electronics, used books, plastic, and metal utensils and much more. You can do it online too if you have some technical skills.

This business should not be mistaken with Kawadi khana, they are completely different. 

7.  Environmental publications

You can start publishing magazines or papers aiming for environmental awareness. Magazines might include environmental issues such as air, land and water pollution, waste problem, deforestation. The magazine can also have a place for local and global environmental news and articles. In the publication, you can also mention any environmental events being organized locally. You can generate revenue by selling magazines and advertisement.

8.  Sale of energy saving light bulb

Electricity can be saved by using a fluorescent bulb instead of other bulbs like tungsten bulbs. While energy production is not taking its pace, selling energy saving light bulbs can be a good idea. You can either take dealership of some companies or you can have several bulbs and tube lights of different brands and different kinds. At the same time, you can market your business so that people can know about it.

9.  Start YouTube channel

YouTube is the second most searched social media in the world, obviously, this applies to Nepal too. If you keep good knowledge of any specific field, you can make money by starting a YouTube channel on your own. You can your channel for environmental education, figuring out environmental problems. You don’t need any sophisticated technical skills to make videos for the YouTube channel. Read these steps from Wikihow on How to make YouTube videos and go for it, you will learn on the way. 

10.  Eco-tourism

There are so many hidden scenic beauties in Nepal.  Also, there is an infinite number of untouched places in Himalayan, hilly and Terai region of Nepal which needs attention. 

You can start eco-tourism business, attracting domestic and international tourists.  Eco-tourism can increase financial activities in rural areas of Nepal, helps cultural exchange. Trekking, cycling, visiting flora and fauna, visiting national parks, homestays, taking part in cultural events, tour to untouched and undisturbed places can be the scope of eco-tourism.

Don’t worry about queuing up yourself in the line of thousands of applicant for a handful of jobs. Think outside of the box, pick one topic, do enough research and get started and be your own boss.