About SafaNepal

Our ultimate goal is assisting and supporting to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities. On the other hand, while working to keep the environment clean and healthy SafaNepal emphasizes the circular economy. We highlight the environmental management and financial stability of the society. 

SafaNepal team comprises of enthusiastic and energetic people, currently residing in different parts of the world. SafaNepal is backed up by people from the different academic background from engineering, management, and science. We are a team of environment engineering, researcher, and entrepreneurs. SafaNepal team has diverse interest and expertise. We have memebrs who have participated in different international projects related to sanitation, economic sustainability and human rights in Nepal. Members shares ideas, opinions and experiences from different parts of the world. As a result SafaNepal has a ambitious approach of supporting or assisting making Nepal a Safa country of Clean Nepal.

Our mission is to educate, aware, and actively participate in environmental conservation activities. We believe it is possible to maintain our environment clean and healthy with the effort of every single member of the society. 

At this point, we are not aiming too high. Several environmental problems in Nepal are not taken seriously, in other words, they are ignored. While policymakers are busy with administrative work and financial enhancements we aim to work for a cleaner and healthier environment. As stated earlier this is only possible with the efforts of community members of all age and profession.

SafaNepal would like to shout out loud to all stakeholders to be sincere on environmental issues. We will work with the community on different environmental projects to minimize the impacts.