Burning trash in Nepal

Burning garbage is easy but comes at a price!

    Burning garbage has been a common and easiest solution to manage garbage in or out of the house. The effect to human health and environment of burning garbage is disregarded in the community. Surprising thing is that it doesn’t matter what the materials is as long as it catches fire it is being put

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Cleaning campaigns in Kathmandu

Organizing and participating in cleaning campaigns in Kathmandu could never be a bad idea as long as you have time and interest. There are several groups whose objective is to clean river, streets, alleyway and neighborhood. They organize events on Saturdays and on public holidays. These activities are crucial for establishing clean and green environment.

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burning firewood in Nepal

Why it is challenging to free our household from indoor air pollution?

The news published  in Kathmandu Post reported death of approximately 7,500 Nepalese annually due to disease linked to indoor air pollution. It highlights the deteriorating women’s and children’s health due to the pollution.The news also reports Nepal’s goal to make all households indoor air pollution free by 2022. This is a significant goal to keep

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Why riding a bicycle in Kathmandu can be beneficial ?

Riding bicycle in Kathmandu to work or just for fun should never disappoint you. There are plenty of benefits to cycling. Some benefits could be getting away with traffic, beating air pollution, living a healthy life. By the way, there could be concern about safety while riding a bicycle in Kathmandu, I will also cover

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Annoying horns in Kathmandu! How to avoid It?

Have you ever thought why annoying horns in Kathmandu are so popular? We might not have realized the prospective harm of horns we blow. At this point, Let me write about the noise that is annoying everyone. A study was conducted by the Ministry of Environment back in 2010/2011 to measure the level of sound pollution. The study

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