Cleaning campaigns in Kathmandu

Organizing and participating in cleaning campaigns in Kathmandu could never be a bad idea as long as you have time and interest. There are several groups whose objective is to clean river, streets, alleyway and neighborhood. They organize events on Saturdays and on public holidays.

invitation at cleaning events

These activities are crucial for establishing clean and green environment. Clean up events are essential for a filthy neighborhood. With not doubt there has been significant change in cleanliness in the Bagmati river since the cleaning campaigns started. Several people have won the prize, got millions of funding for cleanup campaigns. That’s encouraging, isn’t it?

cleanup kathmandu

cleanup Kathmandu

Let’s get to other side of the story

How long these clean up events will continue. Yes how long? I mean when can we feel that OK now cleaning campaigns in Kathmandu are no more needed. Another 600 weeks or probably even more? I am sure no one has gut to answer this question. At least at the time of writing this article.

There are bunch of people who are either uninformed or ignorant about harm they are causing the people around and environment by dropping/disposing waste where ever and which ever way s/he feels comfortable. And there is another group working hard to clean someone else’s garbage.This can’t go side by side for long. It’s not affordable.


I know there is no shortage of expertise that can solve this issue. But as long as you don’t get to the bottom of the problem, situation will continue to get worst. I believe cleaning campaigns every Saturday with complementary aggressive awareness campaigns in a must. How about keeping a target of mentoring certain amount of people every week?

Cleaning campaign in Kathmandu

It is proved that legislation is not having compelling impact so one effective method would be “if you see something say something” but without arguing and polite way. Why polite? guess it. Additionally, while convincing the filth maker how would it be if we ask them to use dustbin and if you don’t see one around take it with you until you see one or just take it to your home.

Starting the solution from very bottom would make work lot more smooth and easier. Let’s not curse anybody but start from ourselves and teach those unaware and ignorant folks too.