Environmental issues are not be limited to waste management, air pollution in Nepal, air pollution in Kathmandu, recycling. The problems need to be fixed and good work need to be praised. So we urge to get involved in different environment projects and programs from our own community.

As a part of this society, it is our responsibility to contribute for the promotion of environmental conservation in some way. We understand that all the communal activities, legislation that has a positive impact on the environment needs to be supported and praised. On the other hand, the issues having an impact on the environment needs to be examined. SafaNepal is the consequence of such an approach.

Your expertise and voluntary work is appreciated for this initiative. Your support can help communities to make aware of environmental problems and ways to mitigate them.

With your help, we can

  • make arrangements for dustbins for different waste categories,
  • give training on efficient composting techniques,
  • measure air pollution level in different places in cities and towns,
  • plant trees in open areas and promote greenery.

For more information, you can check our Environment page.

Find SafaNepal 

If you believe we can make a change in our community, let’s work together for environmental conservation. 

If you want to support us or collaborate with us you can message us on our Facebook Page or you can write an email at to us.