Mind your waste!

Living in a clean and green community is not optional. But the situation might not be the same every time and everywhere. For sure most of us get bothered by filthy community or neighbourhod. What would be your responses and reaction if your community is dirty? How often you mind your waste or asked others to mind their waste?

Let’s get into some of the examples where people need to mind their waste.

    • The neighborhood is clean only if the people are aware and organized about its filthy community and its residents. We clean the room, clean the yard and don’t hesitate to leave the pile of waste out next to the compound of the house.S/he should think the surrounding environment where he gets air to breathe from should be as clean as his/her house. Nobody wants people to be selfish or self-centered.
    • We enjoy the stuff (gutkha’s, noodles, and biscuit’s) inside the package and don’t wait to throw the empty package out of vehicles or on the street. Once again they keep their pocket clean with polluting the environment. Can’t this be selfishness?
    • We have waste collection bins and cans but don’t dare to take a little effort to drop the waste into the bin. Instead, you will find waste spread around those bins. You can easily guess about the situation of the place with no waste collection bins. I don’t understand what stops them to dispose of waste in waste collection bins.

If I generate any waste on the way to work or home and if I don’t find any waste containers,  honestly I bring it to home to dispose it correctly.  With this, I help to keep my environment clean. Most importantly I don’t care what others do. I do what I am supposed to do.

  • I bet many of you have seen men peeing outside taking the cover of trees, buildings or even without a cover. Besides that, I have seen many people peeing outside even next to the toilet. What would you call such people, stupid?  illiterate?
  • We feel proud to drop waste bag in open space, in the river or places where it doesn’t belong after the sunset or when it is completely dark.

waste in the neighbourhod

What Can you do about it?

These are some of the unfortunate facts of our society. If you have done any of the behavior mentioned above even unintentionally, only sometimes or when in rush, no worries keep reading. Things can be changed. If you already one of them who mind your waste, Congratulations! and continue reading too. There is something more you can do for a change.

  • Only drop the waste, packaging plastics, paper where it belongs not on the streets or out of the window. Get out & help others of getting out of such a self-centered attitude. The environment is not private and polluted environment affects everyone.
  • Separate the waste at the place of origin in a responsible way. Leave the compostable and non-compostable waste in a separate bag. Read this blog to know how to separate waste at source.
  • Having knowledge of types of waste and the advantage of segregating is very crucial. If you are worried about your food waste or bio waste information in this blog might be useful.
  • Educate the misbehaving person in the way s/he understands. DO NOT argue, you will never win.
  • Discuss the environmental issues in your community, form a committee, talk about the problem and find a solution in an effort to build a clean and green environment.

Do not wait for someone to take care of your waste, do your part, dispose it in a responsible way.