Why waste is not in waste collection bins?

waste collection bin

Having waste collection bins in cities and towns is a good practice. On the other hand, having effective and efficient bins is even more crucial. Additionally, disposing of waste only in waste collection bins is equally important.

Do you see anything wrong with the waste collection bin in the image above? These are the bins for waste collection in a Tikapur municipality of province 7. There is nothing wrong except the choice of design and its nature. Continue to read for the reason why I consider it a poor choice for waste collection.

Birds, animals can have easy access to the bins, spreading the waste all over the place. For sure there is not everything good for animals in the bin to eat. Additionally, animals spread the waste all over the place around the bin which makes the environment smells and looks bad.

In the image above, you can see waste spreading around the waste bins. Birds and animals play a major role in spreading waste. Additionally, leaving the waste outside the bins by the people also facilitates the bad smell and awful looks.

In the next image, you can see an example of human behaviour towards waste and waste collection bin.

waste collection bins

waste collection bins

Another example of the poor practice of waste disposal.

waste dumping in Nepal

waste should be where it belongs

The situation is similar in the majority of municipality across the region. The first issue is with the poor choice of waste collection bins and poor waste management. Secondly, the lack of awareness of good waste disposal practices and their impact on the environment.


    • The arrangement and placement of waste collection bins should be done in a responsible and effective way. You can read this blog post about good waste disposal practices and its advantages.
    • Waste disposal and management awareness should be conducted.
    • Design and choice of waste collection bins should be efficient to collect the waste without affecting the surrounding environment and animals. Write an email at contact@safanepal.com for discussing the design and placement of the bins.

Disposing of the waste irresponsibly or littering around characterize our level of awareness and civilization. Leaving waste in the waste collection bin is not for what you do for someone else. It’s for you and the environment around you.

We don’t need rules for everything just some good manners are enough.